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The Collective


We are a three generation family collective. Our mission is to purpose our art and share it in creative ways, to maximize its reach, so that it is both affordable and alive. In this collective, the Crone is the creator, the Wise Woman is the financier, and the Maiden is creating something new out of the creator's work. Grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter. The original fiber pieces are exquisite, with so much personality, and with prices reflecting the artist's eye and labor of hand. We've spent the last four years working to understand how we could introduce these designs to our friends and peers at a broadly affordable price, in interesting ways. These artist quality canvas and paper prints are the first step for us. We already have them hanging in our homes, along with our favorite original works! Whether framed on paper or stretched on canvas, the texture of the originals is all there in rich detail. We feel ready to start here and unfold our own universe of canvas, fiber, and textiles. If rugs and textiles are our final goal, these printed pieces allow us to see each piece on a larger scale, and that drives us on. We have a large body of work and we plan to release individual prints on a regular basis.